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Every Four Days

A few days ago, I was inspired by #contentwritingchat on Twitter and decided that I need to create original content every four days.

Participating in Twitter chats has made meaningful connections for me and allowed me to learn about sections of intellect I might never have come across otherwise. Responding to and engaging with others' ideas on social media is a way of forging content. However, such interactions can't replace original brand content. I feel full in my networking capacities on Twitter. Yet without original content emerging from AK Kerani's channels, I feel a little empty.

When I created my first official blog back in 2009, I had the goal of posting content every day. Most of the time, I reached this goal. My blog was my main outlet. I have the utmost respect for daily bloggers and the ability they have to focus. I suppose blogging for them is a therapeutic routine that they need in their day. Nowadays, exercise and the tactile urgency of Twitter chats fill that for me. But one of the things I've learned from marketing chats is that consumers crave consistency. They like to know that content will be available from brands when they expect it. To please their consumers, every brand has to have some form of a content schedule.

Those of you who know me might know I'm not the best at following rules. Despite my knowledge of financial modeling and my need for control in certain areas of life, I have no such formal documents for AK Kerani. This is partially due to my nature but also due to the fact that I feel it is too early. In five years of growing AK Kerani into the entity that it is today, I have never pushed it to acquire revenue for revenue's sake. I have never viewed it as a means to an end. Only recently did I decide to work on it full-time and even then, I am satisfied to follow its gradual pace of growth, knowing how wholesome it will be when it reaches the next stage of development.

The little steps are important and often knowing which steps to take with a growing business comes from intuition more than society's expectations. Blogging every four days may not seem like a significant development. But it is. Now, in addition to engaging with like-minds during Twitter chats, I have content of my own to contribute to the startup ecosystem. I have an expectation for myself that makes the work I have to do seem that much more organized and manageable.

I may not be the smartest CEO out there. I'm definitely not the one with the most attention to detail. However, I do have the skill of listening to my business's needs as if it were a living person with whom I have a relationship. I want it to grow in a way in which it stays consistent with and loyal to its inherent identity throughout its whole journey. And that starts with representing its unique voice every four days.

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