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Happiness as simple as pour-over coffee

For those of you who don't know, I have started operating AK Kerani out of a new coworking space in New Orleans called The Warehouse. I came here last Friday upon hearing they were offering a complimentary day of work to try out the space.

Not only was I obsessed with the space from the get go, but I fell in love with what I now believe to be New Orleans' coolest neighborhood: the Bywater. I couldn't wait to share my discovery with my husband and fellow AK Kerani designer Ethan, who came to the area after work to have an inaugural dinner at Mariza.

In the past few days of my trial week, I have learned a lot more than how to make pour-over coffee (though that in itself is essential knowledge). I've learned that having a routine is not in fact overwhelming but centering. I think of all the days in which I thought lying in bed to ease the previous day's swirling thoughts would be the best solution. In fact, I think my mind and body craved my pushing through.

Anxiety only tires us out if we let it. Of course, having a routine in which I'm out to work is far from an ultimate cure for anxiety. However, having a place in which I can watching Pretty Little Liars and crochet to the sound of fountains and the edgy startup-related conversations of those around me has been inspiring. The three mile walks from my bus station to the space are an added benefit.

Some days, I really don't feel like getting up. I feel rather like my sanity is hiding somewhere within my bed sheets and if I give into the temptation of hibernating enough, maybe I'll find it. But over time, I've found that productivity and a tangible, consistent investment in my business is what truly energizes me. My new coworking space provides me with an incentive to pursue just that.

People say that New Orleans is a great place to get lost and I definitely see why. I've spent the better half of my time here so far wandering alone to the beat of my own footsteps. However, I think I've found a lot about myself within this period. Through all the collapses and overwhelming feelings of being in transition, I've learned what grounds me, even if it's just a simple cup of coffee atop a crocheted coaster.

And on that note, if you like the crochet coasters depicted in this post, please email me at or through social media. Maybe you'll get a free sample or at least a good deal just in time for a romantic Valentines Day dinner.

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