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I know what you did in a way I can't recover The story blow by blow broke the back of a camel who spent all of his days laying in a bed of straw waiting for it to be over Watching you try Try to bury love in any way possible Trying to be the force that breaks any real connection because God forbid it's contagious how dare they how dare you actually feel something complicated What does the long term mean other than something that's too inscrutable for you to understand It's messy and real And it threatens you How long have I observed you wrecking homes because if you stop wrecking them does it mean you have to build one? and how would you do that on no strong foundation? You'd have to believe that some bonds are torturous and yet unbreakable even by you And I loved you not in the platonic, non-threatening way that you'd be able to handle I loved you in the real and messy way the way that would make you run because I wanted you for you fractured soul and all I saw you and you hoped that nobody would I saw you and you only see what will give you the least guilt for stealing things that don't belong to you So now you must find the people who aren't going to love like that Find the people who are too warped to see you - who will always package you into something that fits their idea of the world so you can hide And revel in the fact that yes Nobody knows you Because my silence is just my way of saying Sorry Please accept my barricade

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