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At some point

I would like you to meet

the real me

Not because you deserve to

but because I'm curious

to see

if you crumble

at the sight

With enough blood

in my system

I'll be able to withstand

the sound of your nasal voice

just long enough

to determine

which of your many faces

is seeing

my one

My words say one thing

but my heart knows

that I could never

love a shadow

if a person doomed

to forever lead

a fractured life - someone

who needs the essence

of another to cast

an image that passes

for human

And so,

from one set of collarbones

to another,

I peter out in peace

knowing that time

will stay frozen

for you

And I will hereby

refrain from casting

my money

my feelings

my regret

into the hole

you live in

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