Fall Into Line

You have many faces. This Fall, celebrate them all!

Many people ask me how AK Kerani is going to grow. Normally, I give the same pragmatic answer: We will expand to college campuses, youth centers, rehabilitation facilities and mental health clinics. We will teach people at these institutions how to knit and sew, thereby providing them with a new creative outlet with which they can better their lives. Our products will be made skillfully and with meaning because we won't only be creating beautiful goods to sell - we will be starting a revolution.

As someone pursuing a career in healthcare and interested in fashion I’m always looking to combine my two passions. The struggles that many people in the fashion industry go through have only recently gained coverage in media, but they have always been interesting to me. Growing up, I alternated between dreaming of joining the fashion world and becoming a doctor. AK Kerani’s interest in creating discussions about mental health through fashion was the main reason I joined the team.

For up-and-coming singer/songwriter, Phil Kahan, being ideal means living in the now. And the now, given the success of his recent single, "Be Cool," seems like an awesome place to be. This is a dream come true for Phil, whose songwriting career has and continues to be quite the journey. Since its release in September 2013, "Be Cool" has reached 500 spins on Sirius XM 20on20 as well many features on stations across the country. "Every day, people are finding and liking my music enough to buy it and that feels amazing," he said.