What we do


Our corporate knitting program promotes knitting as a therapeutic activity, reducing stress in the workplace and fostering efficient communication between teams.

The program is an hour long and it involves my teaching a company's staff to knit with supplies I bring, simultaneously engaging the group in a mental health discussion relevant to their interests. 

Ever daydreamed about schmoozing after hours at your favorite fashion boutique, tea shop or yoga studio? Now's your chance! 

AK Kerani will soon begin to offer after hours knitting classes at local boutique shops.  You'll be able to hang out, learn to knit and meet cool new friends in your area while continuing to shop your favorite store after closing time.  

We sell handmade scarves at our online store in order to raise additional funding for our programs.  

Each scarf you purchase is a wearable emblem of your support for mental health. 

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