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("this way") = "alive"

with the fragile beats of your heart

and the cracked sound of your voice

You fought to be this way

You fought when you didn't want to

You fought when you didn't think you could

You fought because you never wanted someone

who looks up to you to think

They can't fight

with the fragments of your story untold

and the songs you too seldom muster the courage to write

You fought to be this way

You fought strapped to a hospital bed

in a blue gown you never thought you'd wear

You fought because you didn't want anyone

to ever tell you

Rock bottom is the end

You forgive those who didn't understand you

who thought your rabid moments were brewed

from entitlement instead of pain

You forgive because this world neglects to train us

in the ways of empathy

or that at any point in time

any one of us can stop wanting

to be this way

with the secrets you harbor

and the new passions you stumble upon

You fought to be this way

You fought because you realize that after all this time

Love can be love for a person

as much as love can be love

for the way that numbers rise from dusty graves

like musical notes

to save the world

You fought to be this way

so that no one can ever tell you what is possible

and so that everyone and everything you love

can take part in what is

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